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Yom Shlishi, 2 Iyyar 5775
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Dear Congregation and Friends,

It is my great pleasure to wish you all a happy and peaceful Passover celebration, enjoyed with family and friends. As you sit and savor the Seder meals, and recount from the Haggadah the history of the Israelites in their journey to a better life, it cannot be denied that the trials and tribulations of the Jewish people over the millennia have only strengthened our resolve to be a light onto the nations. With Israel as our foundation, we have come full circle and can hold our heads high amongst all the peoples in this world.

We cannot let the present events in Europe, the Middle East and Israel detract from our purpose of bringing Tikkun Olam into the future of our global community. Your children and grandchildren stand to benefit from what we accomplish towards this goal.

I hope that together we can strengthen the Or Hadash community and ensure our synagogue is a beacon to lead us into a better future.

May you and yours always be blessed with health, happiness, and prosperity.

Hag Pesach Sameach.

Herman Yeger


Or Hadash Synagogue